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Absolute power, exercised unjustly or cruelly
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Tyranny Forever

Wanderhome's most dedicated and Diverse tactical Unit.

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It is a time of Civil Unrest for Wanderhome.
In the wake of the NGE, chaos and despair run rampant
throughout the Galaxy. The Destruction of the Death Star
has dealt a fateful blow to the Galactic Empire, which now
scrambles to regain control of Star Systems that have aligned themselves with the Rebellion.

As a demonstration of his power over the Corellian System,
Emperor Palpatine has dispatched the elite unit, TYRANNY to
the Planet of Talus. This bold move is sure to help restore peace
and order to the Galaxy, allowing the Emperor's apprentice,
DARTH VADER to resume his hunt for the Rebel Base, rumored to be hidden among the Outer Rim planets...

  Rules of the Tyrant
Posted by exupery @ Mon Feb 26, 2007 11:20 pm
1. Must remain a loyal Imperial dedicated to serving the Emperor in restoring peace and order to the Galaxy.
2. Communicate in a mature manner (i.e. no excessive abbreviations/shortening and mis-spelling of words, commonly known as l33t speak)
3. Do not beg. Begging makes you look bad and really angers people. Simple. This includes begging for money, items, or promotions within the guild.
4. If you offer nothing, expect the same in return. New members often complain that nobody will help them, but same person will never go assist others when asked. Never assume you are too low level to help another Tyrant, there is strength in numbers. [Actively communicating in both /gu and our forum will help you form friendships with other Tyrants that will make getting help far more likely than someone who never says anything except "Can someone do this quest for me?"]
5. Check your [In-Game] Mail every day you log into the game.
6. Check our Fourm (www.tyranny.forumwise.com) at least once a week.
7. Tyrants are forbidden from grouping with any Rebel at any time, for any reason; no exceptions will be tolerated.
8. We are a large guild with a wide variety of members of every color and ages ranging from 15 to over 50, please do not discuss Racism, Politics, sexual preference, Religion, or Chuck Norris in guildchat.

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  Loyal Imperials Unite!
Posted by Xnyj @ Tue Nov 07, 2006 3:32 pm
Greetings, are you looking for an Imperial guild? Tired of seeing Rebel Scum around every corner, exhibiting no shame from performing their terrorist activities in the open? Sick of standing there watching Imperial troops get murdered and wishing there was something you can do about it? Well now you can, and the time for you to stand up for the Empire is now. By joining TYRANNY you will serve side-by-side with loyal Imperials devoted to ridding the galaxy of this pathetic rebellion.
Tyranny was formed on 20 November 2005 and currently has over 80 members in the guild (nearly a third of which would be defined as active). Formerly a PVE only focused guild, we have shifted our duties to be concentrate more on PVP in order to better serve the Emperor; Tyrants engage in moderate RP and we still engage in occasional PVE activities. We are located on Talus in the Stronghold of Tyranny, supported by the convenience of a shuttleport. We are an Imperial only guild devoted to three missions:

1) Assist the Emperor in restoring Peace and Order to the Galaxy by subduing the Rebellion.
2) Help guild members with missions, quests, and leveling.
3) Provide an enjoyable and fun community of like-minded loyal Imperials.

Through our application process we are able to ensure that we select only the finest soldiers of the Empire to join our ranks. If you think you have what it takes to become a Tyrant, submit your application (see following mail) today and stand up for what you believe in. Long Live the Emperor.


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  Staff of Tyranny
Posted by Xnyj @ Tue Nov 07, 2006 3:29 pm
The Following is the Staff of Tyranny. For further information regarding the guild or to request an application for memebership, please contact any of the following in game:

    COL Exupery
    CPT Quich
    LT Stochrin
    SSGT Okie
    SSGT Corit

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