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New Player FAQ

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PostPosted: Wed Dec 28, 2005 11:53 am    Post subject: New Player FAQ Reply with quote

1. What is NGE?
NGE (also known as Publish 25 or CU2) stands for "New Game Enhancements" and was a Publish released November 15, 2005 that made MAJOR changes to the game. SWG pre-NGE was quite different than the game you play now: there were 54 professions, you could master two professions and change them as often as you'd like, it took a minimum of six months (but for most people over a year) to become a Jedi, Jedi were far more powerful than any other profession, Bounty Hunters could hunt Jedi, there were death "penalties" including decay of items in inventory and loss of health, and much more that's beyond the scope of this FAQ

2. How do I change my Profession?
If you started your character post-NGE, the only way to change profession is to delete your character and create a new one.

3. How can I get armor?
For non-Jedi combat classes you will be able to equip Armor after you have reached Combat Level 22. You will receive a full set of armor at that time.

4. But I want Stormtrooper Armor, how do I get that?
You will need a LOT of patience. Due to the mass exodus of high level armorsmiths after NGE there are not many crafters around that a) can make it, b) have the resources to make it or c) have the Imperial Faction Points required to purchase the schematics. As such, there are very few complete sets around, if you can find one they usually run between 2 - 5 million credits. You will also need just over 7000 Faction Points to Bio-Link them. As an added bonus, unless you are a Level 90, you will suffer hindrances to your movement and rate of fire. If you are higher than level 35 and can wear Battle Armor you should be able to solo the Katarn Armor quest (starts in Dearic Cantina on Talus) and get some decent armor that way.

5. How do I get better weapons?
Loot them or buy them, try a Vendor Search.

6. When do I get a Lightsaber?
Jedi's willl receive a quest to get thier first lightsaber at level 26, will recieve a lightsaber automatically at level 30, and can craft their own at level 38. Click HERE for a guide on how to craft your saber. Lightsabers are NOT tradable, so you cannot purchase one or have another jedi make one for you.

7. What are JTL, RotW, and ToOW?
JTL = Jump to LightSpeed, the expansion that introduced space travel
RotW = Rage of the Wookies, expansion that allows access to Kashyyk
ToOW = Trials of Obi-Wan, expansion that allows access to Mustafar.

8. How do I get my Level higher?
If you haven't completed the Legacy Quest you should do that as it will take you all the way to Level 35 and you'll pick up some good loot and money along the way. After that RotW is good for about 40 - 70, and ToOW is good for 70 - 90.

9. But I don't have RotW or ToOW, how do I level?
Kill stuff, a lot of stuff. There are mission terminals throughout the galaxy (we have several inside our city, including General, Imperial, Bounty Hunter, and Entertainer) that you can get missions from. Or check the spawn level maps, and roam an area relevant to your level.

10. Why do some players have "Elder" in their title?
Once NGE hit, "Elder" Titles were granted to all characters created pre-NGE who had mastered at least one profession. These characters can now display any title they had recieved a Master Badge for pre-NGE.

11. What's "The Village", "The Warren", and "DWB?"
The Village is where "Force Sensitive" characters went to become a Padawan (after a series of quests that took a minimum of 18 weeks) and is no longer in the game post-NGE.
The Warren is a POI Dungeon on Dantooine that many players did pre-NGE to get two "content" badges (of 5 needed to become Force Sensitive). It's only purpose now is to house Imperial Workers you can kill to get a Jedi Acolyte Robe.
DWB is Death Watch Bunker and can be found on Endor, which is a very long and difficult quest but is how Bounty Hunters can get schematics for very high end armor. High level Jedi can also find Jedi Knight robes there by killing Black Sun NPC's.

12. NPC, Mob, PvE, PvP, Alt, toon, what the heck are all of those?
NPC = Non Player Character, any character or creature in game not controlled by a human on the other end.
Mob = Back before we had all these cool flashing lights, RPG's were text based and MOB was used to note any Moving Object. The term now refers usually to animal/creature npc's and the term NPC refering to humanoid characters.
PvE = Player versus Enemy, where Enemy is an NPC
PvP = Player versus Player, where the other enemy is another player.
Alt = Someone's Alternate character, as opposed to their primary one.
toon = a.k.a Avatar, is another word for character (as in: "This toon is Jedi, but my alt is a Spy"]

13. What profession is the best?
First, you should choose your profession based on what you will ENJOY the most and best suits your style of play, rather than what other people feel are the "best." Also, keep in mind that SOE has not finished balancing the classes, so what is the "best" class today, may not be the best a month or two from now.
At the moment, Medic is widely considered the strongest class in game and Jedi the weakest. This will most likely change as SOE balances all the classes over the next few publishes. Commando and Officer are both great against multiple oponents, but don't fare so well in a one-on-one fight. Bounty Hunters excel in one-on-one combat, but can quickly get overwhelmed against multiple enemies. Smuggler and Spy are both good PvE classes, but don't have the best specials to make them effective in PvP at the moment.

14. What's it mean when someone says SF or Combatant?
This refers to your current status within the Empire. At any time you can be either On Leave, Combatant, or Special Forces. The third tab of your character sheet (C by default) will say what your current status is.
On Leave = You are a member of the Empire, but cannot be attacked by Rebel NPC's or Overt Rebels. [No Combat]
Combatant = aka "Covert", you are able to attack (and get attacked) by Rebel NPC's. [PvE Combat Only]
Special Forces = aka "SF" or "Overt" you are able to attack (and subject to attack) by both Rebel NPC's and other Rebel Players that are Overt. [PvE and PvP combat]
As a good rule of thumb, if you are less than Level 40 you should stay on leave unless you need to go on duty for a specific mission or quest. Levels 40 - 90 should ALWAYS be combatant. Kill Rebels, it's fun. Only level 90's with a good weapon and high level armor should go SF on a regular basis.

15. Yesterday Mos Eisley had Imperial Troops, now it's controlled by the Rebelion, what's up with that?
The GCW (Galactic Civil War) determines who controls each planet. Individual cities don't change, only the entire planet. There are however, a few cities that do not change with the GCW; Bestine for example is ALWAYS Imperial, while Anchorhead is always Rebel. Each planet has a different Planet GCW Score. To view a planet's score speak with a recruiter and ask "How are we doing in our war effort against the Rebels?" You will only be able to view the score for the planet you are on. [note: Kashyyk, Mustafar, Endor, and Dathomir are not part of the GCW].
The ONLY way players can earn points for their side is by going OVERT and killing members of the opposing faction. 1 Planetary Control Point is awarded for every 25 NPC's killed while SF; and 1 Planetary Control Point is awarded for every Player (PvP) killed while SF.
The score does NOT update in realtime - so if you earn a point and run over to a recruiter you will not see the change. Also, the points decay over time so we need to constantly kill rebels to keep the score up.

16. I'm broke, how do I make money?
The first thing you should be doing is looting every NPC you kill. You can set up a macro (/loot;) and map it to a key to make this a quicker process than stopping to doubleclick each corpse. This will provide you a steady stream of income (assuming you're killing NPC's around your level) but you won't be buying Shock Trooper Armor anytime soon.
A good way to make a lot of money relatively quickly is to spend a lot of time in space. In space, you automatically loot your enemy once you destory him (now why can't they do that for ground?). Once you land sell all your looted items to a chasis broker (there is one in each starport) and don't forget to transfer your credits from your credit chip to your bank account.

17. Where can I find out more about Piloting?
Check out this CLICKY to an awesome FAQ/Tutorial on the Space tree.

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PostPosted: Fri Mar 03, 2006 8:47 pm    Post subject: Re: New Player FAQ Reply with quote

exupery wrote:

Jedi's will receive their first saber at level 26 and can craft their own at level 30.

More correctly, Jedi's willl receive a quest to get thier first lightsaber at level 26, will recieve a lightsaber automatically at level 30, and can craft their own at level 38
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Tyranny Commander

Joined: 27 Dec 2005
Posts: 618
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PostPosted: Wed Apr 26, 2006 8:59 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Here's some Clicky's to various FAQs/Tutorials that new players may find usefull.

1. Collection of Starting Tips.
2. Guide to Combat.
3. Legacy Quest.
4. Piloting Guide.
5. Droid Commands.
6. Armor Guide.
7. Ground Vehicles.
8. Career Paths.
9. SWG Wiki.

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