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Mounts Post-NGE

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PostPosted: Sat Nov 04, 2006 2:43 pm    Post subject: Mounts Post-NGE Reply with quote

I was and am a big fan of the Creature Handler that unfortunately was deleted a while back. I enjoyed taming animals and fight along with them and the possibility to make mounts.
Now in NGE you can try to find a mount on the market, buy either RoW or ToOW, or do the 3 quests that grant you a mount as reward.
Below you will find the information that was posted by Barndamascus on the SWG forum --> http://soe.lithium.com/swg/board/message?board.id=gameguidesht&message.id=16322&view=by_date_ascending&page=1

G’day all.

I was sitting around thinking about the excitement we all had when patch 7 came out, and Creature Handlers could tame Mounts.

Not wanting new players to miss out on all the excitement I thought I’d write a short guide to getting a mount now that Creature Handlers are no longer

The easiest way to get a mount if you don't have one, is to buy either the ROTW or ToOW expansions. You get a mounted varactyl with ROTW and a mounted lava flea with ToOW.

The first and most obvious way to obtain a creature mount is to find one for sale. You could try your trade forum, or spamming in a popular cities such as Theed. Another option on the purchase route is to check vendors for old BE crafted pets that have yet to be sold.

Purchasing pets aside, there are currently 3 quest’s I’ve found that give creature mounts as rewards.

Quest 1. The Legacy Quests. (Carrion Spat)

Bikerkid has an awesome guide to the Legacy quest’s, so I wont rewrite the whole thing here The following quest is where you obtain a Carrion Spat mount.

Quest Received: Get the Security Beacon Back from the Mercenaries: Level 29 Rewards: 12950 Quest XP, 12222cr + [Kartha’s Cliff-Jumper] Head to the Strehkforce Camp [4821, -2570] and defeat the following: 12 Strehkforce Soldiers CL28 15 Strehkforce Mercenaries Once they’re dead, you are required to kill the 2 leaders and kill them: Evan Strehk Maris Fahrs Then locate the Beacon on the crates under the covering.. then return to Vance. He sends you back to Professor Hudmasse to complete the Quest.

Quest 2. The Imprisoned Geonosian. Requires 'Rage of the Wookies' expansion. (Bolotuar).

Quest Received From: Ikvizi, the imprisoned geonosian (Kashyyyk /way -413 -108) (this quest takes you to an area full of CL 80 agro critter's, and is not advised for new players)

Rewards: Mountd Bolotaur

Kill Trandoshan researchers (L35) at the trandoshan camp until you have recovered 8 trandoshan research documents, then return them to Ikvizi. Speak with Ovarra about the evidence against the trandoshans. She's on Level 2 of the Great tree, Return to Ikvizi, he will tell you of his past as a scientist on the moon of Yavin IV. Travel to the Geonosian caves on yavin, and Use the magseal box that lies just inside the first locked door.

Quest 3. Etyyy Hunting Grounds. (Kashyyk Bantha Mount). Requires 'Rage of the Wookies' expansion.(this quest takes you to an area full of CL 80 agro critter's, and is not advised for new players)

Quest Received From: Kerssoc

Rewards: Credits, Entry to Etyyy Hunting Grounds.

Part 1: Collect 17 Flawless Bantha Pelts from kashyyyk Banthas (You can find em all over the place in Kachirho). Return to Kerssoc after you've collected all 17

Part 2:Deliver the bantha pelts to the rodian frieghter. You will need to fight through waves of tier 2 and 3 Chiss poachers (Kirhaxz, Ixiyen). /dock with the freighter, then hyperspace the kashyyyk system to escort it to saftey. Destroy or disable the waves of tier 3 Wookiee Resistance fighters bent on stopping you (a wing, x wing). After you have successfully escorted the freighter, you will need to destroy the Chiss weapons freighter and his tier 2/3 escorts (ixiyen, kirhaxz)

Part 3:Eliminate 21 Chiss poachers can be found at and near 551 502, Kachirho.

Quest Received From: Mada Johnson. Kachirho Great Tree, level 3 (NOTE: You have to complete the above quest to advance past part 2 of this quest)

Reward: Kashyyyk Bantha Mount

Part 1: Speak with Wrelaac, level 2 of the Great tree . Answer that Mada has "light hair, blue eyes, red tatoo" and wrelaac will send you to Chrilooc (on the bridge to the dead forest).

Part 2: Launch into space and disable the Gotal Ace. There are several tier 2 fighter escorts. The ace is tier 3. All are flying dunelizards. You will then need to escort it through several waves of tier 2 Gotal attackers (flying dunelizards).

Part 3: Speak with Chilrooc, and inquire as to Johnson's whereabouts. Speak with Johnson Smith at the Arcona Salt Compound, Etyyy

Part 4: Corpse Camp. "Use" the Unidentified Corpse at -665 488. Show the medal to Johnson.

Part 5: Show Mada Johnson brody's medal, then question Johnson about the remarkably similar medal he is wearing. Speak with Vritol on level 1 of the rryatt trail for your reward.

And there we have it, the 3 Quest mounts that i know of. I'll update this guide with screen shot's and waypoint's etc when i get a chance.

If you are after a non-mounted pet, check out my other guide: Barn's Guide to Getting a Chuba

HUGE KUDOS to Bikerkid and Emotemaster for their guides that i got some of this info from.

Thanks and till we meet again.

Till we meet again


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